There are a bunch of ways to mix milk paint to get a lump-free, creamy mix, but one of our favorite ways is using a milk frother.  After testing them out for a few months, we finally had some custom made to carry with the paint line!   And now the new Milk Paint Mixer’s are in!

They are just as cute as they are handy.
The benefits of this little guy are endless- but there are some tips to using it that I would love to share with you so that you get a perfect mix every time!

You will need 2 AA batteries for the frother. We love that it’s portable and doesn’t need a plug! It’s compact and really packs a punch for it’s small size.

When using a frother, measure out your water first. Because I love to eat as much as I do paint, I will once again refer to food: Think Mac N Cheese. If you add the powder before the milk you get a clumpy mess fast. Same concept with the frother. You don’t want a big clumpy thick mess at the bottom of your cup. If you add the paint first, and the water on top, chances are you will get a rock of milk paint stuck to your mixer.

Then, add the milk paint powder. Here I am using a sample of Shutter Gray.

Dip the mixer in all the way to the bottom. Because of the speed of the mixer, make sure it touches the bottom of the cup, to prevent it from splashing all over the place! If you allow it to spin too much on top, there will also be lots of air bubbles.

The mixer will stop when you apply pressure. Push the mixer up and down doing short little “pounces” on the bottom of the cup to prevent from making a milk paint latte!
A few times in class I glance over at friends who are frothing and chatting away and before they know it they have a foam head as tall as their cup and the paint is way too thin and airy. Light and airy is great for latte’s, but could make for several unnecessary coats when painting.

If the paint is too thick, slowly pour in water while mixing to thin the paint. Think of making pancake batter… (I know, I told you – food again!)

Now for those who hate to clean love to get to painting, this is for you:

Have a separate cup of clean water- dip your mixer in right after mixing, turn it on and hold it in,spinning for a few seconds. Pull it out and it will be clean as a whistle!

*Make sure you do this soon after painting, so the milk paint doesn’t harden in the coil.

After mixing the paint, there may be some air bubbles collected at the top.
Don’t worry.  Just start painting and work it out with the brush.

If you want to err on the side of caution, just wait a few minutes (or go grab a snack like mac-n-cheese or pancakes) and the bubbles will dissipate!

– Abbe

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