mixing milk paint

Here is a video tutorial showing how to mix milk paint using our milk paint mixer and mini whisk.

milk paint mixer

Mixing milk paint to a perfect consistency can take a bit of practice, so we decided to make it easier by offering this handy tool.  It’s lightweight and operates on two AA batteries.

How to use: Add one part water to a container followed by one part milk paint powder.  Adding powder gradually while mixing will prevent clumping at bottom of the container.  For best results place mixer on the bottom of container and mix for approximately 20 seconds.  Let mixture stand for one minute and repeat mixing as necessary.  If paint is too thin, add more powder.  If paint is too thick, add more water until desired consistency is reached.

Clean Milk Paint Mixer by inserting metal head into a container filled with clean water.  Turn mixer on for 20 seconds.  Repeat until mixer is clean.

If you need more help, check out our tutorial HERE.

mini whisk

We also have mini-whisks, which are perfect for manual mixing in small batches and for breaking up any clumps that may occur.

Find a retailer near you HERE or purchase online HERE.

There are many ways to mix milk paint, so this video shows you two more options – a milk paint mixer and a mini whisk. We also show the challenges to expect when mixing Tricycle, a highly pigmented red, and Ironstone, which is a white with hardly any pigmentation.

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